We offer custodial services for Pension funds. Pension Asset Custody:

This involves receipt of pension contributions from employers into designated Collection accounts for onward processing and credit into respective Retirement Savings Accounts (RSA).

This involves transfer of funds to counterparties/brokers in consideration for securities purchased in line with PFA/CPFA instructions.

This is the process of converting securities in physical form into electronic book entry in the name of the fund.

This is the secured storage of securities, financial instruments, valuables and title documents in the physical vault or central depositories.

This is the act of monitoring, following up and ensuring timely receipt of all income accruable on pension fund assets.

This refers to events declared by companies which will in turn lead to changes in their stock and investors’ holdings. These events include merger & acquisition, share reconstruction, dividend, bonus issue, right issue e.t.c.

This is the exercise of investors’ voting rights at AGMs and other related meetings based on specific voting instruction issued by them.

This is the timely disbursement of retirement and other related benefits to beneficiaries.

This is the preparation and rendition of various reports in respect of assets under custody to clients and regulators.



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